Grand Finale of the ANIMATUS competition

On the 17th and 18th of November, 2018, will take place the Finale of the International competition for the concept and implementation of a puppet / animated object / theater form “ANIMATUS”. It aims to search for new forms of expression in the area of puppet theater (also for puppet theater for adults) and to support innovative stage designs.

The project is realized in cooperation with the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, the Design Institute in Kielce and the Museum of Toys and Fun in Kielce.

The finalists will present works of the laureates and master performances: “Hamlet” Walny-Theater and “Spleen” Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel

  • 17th November 2018, 7.00 p.m

William Shakespear
Directing, adaptation, stage design: Adam Walny
Music (cello and tubular bells): Lars Kynde
text editing, lights: Marek Zięba
Puppet techniques used: underwater marionettes and bunraku puppets

performed by Walny-Theater

Hamlet, the performance realized in the author’s technique of underwater puppets, tells about the revenge of the Spirit of the murdered Father realized with the hands of a living son – Hamlet. This, accidentally initiated into the  afterlife reality  – marked by the responsibility of transcendence experience, and at the same time helpless in the face of  own imperfection, tries to escape the necessity of the murder that the Spirit of the Father creates, in vain. The spirit here is a living actor – Hamlet’s animator and also a demiurge of the presented world.

What are the other characters doing here? Polonius, King, Queen and others. What is their function? They represent the world of matter isolated from the Spirit – the underwater world – from the hands of the Spirit – dependent on the animator. Hamlet’s tragedy entails the tragedy of other characters in the drama. Hamlet, avenging the Father, on his initiative leaves no illusions to anyone – he blames everyone and administers justice.

A performance for spectators from the age of 16.

  • 18th November 2018, 7.00 p.m

Charles Baudelaire
Directed by: Hendrik Mannes
Puppets: Michael Vogel
Live music: Charlotte Wilde
Voices: Charlie Bunn, Hannah Ravalda, Catherine Smith, Emily Smith, Eve Smith i Lawrence Smith
Cast: Michael Vogel

performed by Figurentheater Wilde&Vogel

“Spleen” is a kaleidoscope of paintings, songs and miniatures inspired by a collection of poems and the prose of “Le Spleen de Paris” by Charles Baudelaire, published posthumously in 1869. Humanity on the verge of modernism, described in the scenes depicted, is unstable between the desire for life and the yearning for death, between the romantic search for infinity and the brutality of banality.

The performance is open in its construction: viewers will see the actors on the stage together with puppets and instruments, hear the texts of Baudelaire spoken by children and recorded on a cassette tape. The magic of this kaleidoscope is to activate the imagination between actors, the matter and the audience. Sequences of images and live music are a counterpoint to Baudelaire’s vision of the world and allow  to understand it now.

A performance for spectators from the age of 16.

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